Have a problem with your apartment? EasyLifeinBrussels Assistance is here to help! Please fill in the form below or contact us at . For urgent issues please call or send a message to +32 486 284 284. Please see below for manuals and resolution of internet problems.

General Assistance Request

Please fill out the form below. We always do our best to have any issue solved as soon as we can! 

Technical assistance enquiry

Urgent Problems

For urgent and important issues, such as serious plumbing problems or loss of keys, please send an email to . In case of emergency please call or send a message to +32 486 284 284.

Charged Call-outs  

Please note that some assistance is charged:

Handling fee (technician called to the site by tenant): €85 including 1/2 hour of work, with each extra hour charged at €35.

Establishing favourites list on satellites or to restart satellites: €85

Additional furniture (approved by EasyLifeinBrussels): installation €85 for one worker; €150 for two workers. Please note that the value of this furniture is written off over a two year period. 

Change-around or removal of existing furniture: €35 per worker required and €35 per additional hour. Same invoicing for replacement at the end of the rental period.

Extra cleaning on demand of the tenant: €24 per hour; minimum of two hours.

Replacement of keys: €75

Changing of bulbs after the first month of occupancy: €8 per bulb.

Moving from one apartment to another:175€


Please see this section for appliance manuals. 

Manual for the use of INDESIT Washing and Drying Machines: Please note that these machines wash and dry in one cycle, removing the need to hang your laundry around the apartment, which can cause dampness damage.

The English, Dutch and German User  Manual will be found here: INDESIT1

The French version will be found here: INDESIT2

The manuals of the BEKO equipment in your kitchen will be found on the site  ASOGEM.   Please look under the picture of the equipment.

Satelite Decoders: Technomate

You will find all needed information and user manuals on the site of the manufacturer: Tecnomate

It will then be easy to place all your favorites on top of the list. You also have access to cable TV, simply switch to TV using the remote control. 

Locate a channel on ASTRA: You can locate a station on ASTRA on their site: ASTRA where more than 2000 stations are listed.

HOTBIRD: can be located on HOTBIRD   Please note that not all houses are equipped with Hotbird.

Internet problems

If you have problems with the provided internet connection, please contact general support at +32 486 082 333 from 9am to 6pm or the person responsible for Brussels at +32 471 303 281 between 6pm and 8pm. Preferably send an email to . Email is the fastest and most convenient way to contact us and mailboxes are monitored outside of business hours too. Whilst answers cannot be guaranteed outside of business hours; we do the best we can, and you will always receive an answer with suggested solution or feedback by email or phone within 2 business days. All systems and corresponding internet lines are monitored 24/7 and in case of problems a solution will be offered as soon as is possible. 

Please keep in mind that the internet management also depends upon third parties, like national telecom operators and for this reason does not always have the power to resolve an issue the same day. We will of course always try to provide the fastest solution possible.