Reservation in Advance

This page explains how to place a reservation for an apartment or studio in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Indicate your Intention

Send an e-mail to , call or SMS us at

Step 2: Booking

Pay the first months rent using Paypal or Bank transfer (see below). This will reserve you the apartment

Step 3: Reservations

Rent and costs, Flat Fee and Provision are to be transferred in order to book the apartment. The amounts are indicated in the detail page of the apartment. 5 days before you arrive you need to pay the guarantee (2 months rent, flat fee + provision)  of the first month. The two months guarantee are legally required in Belgium.

All reservations should be paid to the following account: 

BIC Fortis Banque GEBABEBB 
Account number 001-5916267-22
IBAN, paper format BE06 0015 9162 6722
IBAN, electronic format   BE06001591626722

Be sure to indicate shared costs if you wire from within the EU, and costs to your account if outside the EU. This account is for reservations and guaranties only. Subsequent rents will have to be paid onto the account indicated in the final rental contract. .

Send a copy of your bank transfer to or Fax it at 003226879878.

Step 4: Comments

All matters will be discussed and commented with as needed.

We hope you have a very nice stay in Brussels and we would be happy to have you as a guest.

Away from home you deserve comfort!

Gerald, Didier, Paul and all the team at EasyLifeinBrussels.