Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I rent for a short period? What is the minimum period?

Answer: The prices of are established on the basis of 1 year rentals; however most of our apartments and studios can be rented for 6 months, and some smaller studios for 3 months. There is an increase in the price for shorter periods to cover the entry/exit costs which have to be covered by fewer months of rent and the price can also increase if the contract ends in a lower-activity month, when revenue will be lost. You can use the calculator on each apartment page to calculate the monthly rent, inclusive of such factors.

Question: Is there an exception to the above rule?

Answer: Whilst the website may refuse some shorter periods, please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to assist in your request. 

Question: What is the total rent?

Answer: You can calculate the total rent for the duration of your stay using the calculator on the website. The total amount you have to pay is Rent + Flat Fee + Provision.

Question: What does the Flat Fee cover?

Answer: The flat fee covers several services, including Insurance, internet connection and technical support, satellite TV, weekly cleaning of both your apartment and the common areas of the building, taxes, and technical assistance as needed. It should be noted however that EasyLifeinBrussels rents apartments and is under no condition to provide a full service. Although, additional services are available in certain circumstances with billing conditions.

(see ASSISTANCE for more information on additional services)

Question: What is the provision?

Answer: The provision goes toward covering part of your consumption for gas, water and electricity. During your stay, and upon departure exact consumptions will be calculated to ensure the provision paid is sufficient; if not an additional supplement will have to be paid. 

Question: What are the costs of Electricity, Gas and Water in Brussels?


Water costs can be calculated by adding all components in the site 'Prix de l'eau'; with current costs of 8,01€ per m3. However please note that prices differ between communes,.

Electricity and Gas is somewhat more complicated and also depends upon the commune. There are several components; including the consumption itself; the transportation of the energy, the cost of the meters and last but not least, the price of gas in Brussels, which varies with the density of the gas. Electrabel calculates the price of gas in terms of density, which can vary from region to region, with important differences. Further information can be found on the Electrabel has been negotiating a fixed price for 3 years  that currently stands at 0,36 € per KWH for electricity, depending on the commune and 0,78€ per M3 or 1,02€ per M3 for gas. will try to inform you on a regular basis of your consumptions in relation to the provision paid.

A fixed rental fee is also applied to all meters: watercounter 2,4€pm; electricity counter 8€pm; Gas counter 0,67€pm; and a fee of 7,6€pm is applied by a separate official company METRIX to read the meters.

An example for your information: the cost of obtaining 1 m3 of hot 50°C water starting from a tap water temperature of 8°C will cost  11,16€ per m3.

A lot of these calculations can be found on the Internet; most of our boilers are Viessmann Condensation.

In general, has installed private meters in each apartments to measure electricity and water (hot and cold). The gas consumption for water is calculated on the basis of the quantity consumed, with the gas to warm your apartment based on the size of your apartment including the portion of the staircase. 

In summary:

-Water: 8,01€pm3

-Gas: 0,78 €pm3

-Electricity: 0,36 €pKWH

-Hot water: 11,16 €pm3

-Rental of water counter: 2,4 €pm

-Electricity counter: 8 €pm

-Gas counter: 0,67 €pm

-verification of consumption by METRIX: 7,6 €pm

Important remarks:

These figures do not correspond to the figures produced by the different intervenient in the energy and water distribution.


1. EasyLifeinBrussels uses several suppliers; the prices differ by commune in Brussels, depending for example in the density of the gas supplied.Further more the prices are changing with the day as they are following the prices of the fuel.

2. EasyLifeinBrussels uses its own employees to take up the individual counters (every apartment has individual counters as indicated in the network deposit at Sibelga, distributor of energy and hydrobru distributor of water). The costs of these interventions are covered by a margin calculated on top of the prices of the original suppliers. We have to cover these costs somewhere!

2. Since the stay of the tenants almost never correspond with billing period of the original suppliers, it is not possible to obtain a meaningful matching with the documents (complex) produced by the suppliers starting at contract dates with these suppliers and according to their rules and methods.It is also not acceptable that a tenant spending the winter with us pays the same as the one staying in the summer period. The supplier doesn't make any difference and comes out with a full year account.


We thank you for your understanding.



Question: What is the Merylo account? is using a Web-Based Payment Request Program that allows you to check on payments and which also generates payment reminders for the monthly rent or any other costs incurred during your stay.  If a payment is not made, reminders will be issued.

Question: What is a CIBEX expert?


At the beginning of your contract an expert designated by the CIBEX organisation (Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de Belgique) will make up a report detailing the condition of your apartment, and the same will be done at the end of your stay. The CIBEX expert is independent and neutral; it is not required for the tenant to be present during the expertise. The report will also details consumptions and determine any other costs.

Question:To whom do I make remarks on the incoming and outgoing report?

Answer: You will make them to the CIBEX expert. It should be noted that the expert is not required to answer questions without additional compensation; with an extra fee of €15-€20 most common if more detailed explanations are required.

Question: Can I reserve in advance?


Of course! For reservations from abroad you will be required to take several steps, which are detailed on our Reservation In Advance page.

Question: Is smoking allowed in the studios and apartments?

All our apartments are non-smoking, with tenants liable for deodorisation and cleanings costs if this rule is not respected. 

Question: Do I need to have insurance?


EasyLifeinBrussels has 'fire insurance' with  AXA.

Question: Where can I find manuals on Washing Machines and Satellites


Look in the section assistance for the manufacturers sites or see the manuals which should be located in all apartments.


Question: What about internet access? 


A managed internet service is delivered by / Studenten Internet. 

Question: How can I obtain the Internet Login credentials?


A simple e-mail to will provide you with a login and a password. These credentials work on all Studenten Internet / B-hotspot locations & hotspots.
You connect wireless to the network (SSID's: "" or "Studenten Internet hotspot"), open an internet browser (Internet explorer, firefox, safari, etc) and you will be redirected to a login portal. On that portal you enter your username and password, click the login button and you're online. Also see our section Internet in Assistance for more information.

Question: Is there a download limit with B-hotspot / Studenten Internet?


There 's monthly quota of 25GB/ month included in your rent. You can check your consumed data at any time via (or )
If you would need more download capacity, this can also be purchased via (or
More info on this is explained in the FAQ at

Question: I have a problem with my internet connection, what can I do?


Phone support is available from 9h-12h and from 13h till 20h. Please call +32 9 395 8000.  

Question: What does the Rental contract look like?

Answer: The official contract can be downloaded below as well as several translations for your convenience. We will always send an original version for you to sign. We try to keep our translations as much as possible up-to-date with the official contract, but small differences are always possible.